The Navigator Main Menu is your launching pad to a universe of programming information

Whether you're planning your future viewing or are trying to decide what to watch right now, the main menu will guide you. Best of all, the navigator main menu lets you pick the way you want to see the listings - by time, by channel, by program name, or by area of interest. The main menu is also where you get messages, select your preferences, and lock out programs using the Parental Control feature.

Time | Channel | Category | Search | Pay-Per-View | DMX
Messages | Favorites | Parental Control | Setup

To access the navigator main menu:
Press the MENU button on your remote control. Use the arrow keys to move around. The UP or DOWN buttons move you up or down a particular column. The LEFT or RIGHT buttons move you from column to column. Press OK to display the highlighted selection. Press EXIT to return to watching TV.
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