Getting to know DMX (Digital Music Express)

With DMX, you get multiple channels of the music you want to hear without annoying DJs, commercials or interruptions. Best of all, the music never stops. You get crystal clear music delivered to your stereo or TV 24 hours a day.

  • To access DMX, highlight the DMX bar in the navigator main menu and press the OK button.
  • Use the UP or DOWN button to move up or down in the list of music channels.
  • When you find a channel to which you wish to listen, highlight it and priss the OK button.
  • If the program is currently on, highlight it and press the OK button. If the program is on later, highlight it, press the OK button and a reminder will be set.
  • You can also access the DMX listings by pressing the MUSIC button on your remote control.
  • To return to watching TV, simply tune to a non-DMX channel.

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