How to select your favorite channels

With the Favorites feature you can select your favorite channels and scan through them quickly using the Browse or Flip feature.

  • To see a listing of all the channels, highlight the Favorites bar in the navigator main menu and press the OK button.
  • To select how the channels are displayed, highlight the By Number bar or the By Name bar and pres the OK button.
  • Using the UP, DOWN, LEFT or RIGHT button to go the channel you want to designate as a favorite, highlight it and press the OK button. The favorites you select will be blue.
  • To remove a channel from your favorites list, highlight it and then press the FAV button. The channel will return to its original purple color.
  • To exit the favorites menu, press EXIT.
  • To Browse or Flip through your favorite channels, press the FAV button before you begin. Press the FAV button again to turn favorite channel mode off.

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