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Western Oregon Interconnect

TCI Media Services is a subsidiary of TCI Communications, Inc. We are active in your local communities served by TCI Cablevision of Oregon, specifically Eugene / Springfield, Albany, Corvallis, Lebanon, Sweet Home, Newport and Salem.

Our mission is to deliver excellent service while providing solutions to business marketing problems. We use the combined communication resources of TCI Media Services and our respective TCI cablevision systems. Typically, our service entails fulfilling the marketing and promotional needs of businesses. We create video commercials for our clients that appear on our ad-supported cable networks like CNN, ESPN, USA and TNT (please consult your city's channel line up for a complete, detailed list) with whom we have agreements giving us local commercial availability.

The cable advertiseing sales industry is seventeen years old and will attract $6.8 billion in advertiser revenue for 1997. Weekly viewing to ad-supported cable networks has grown 80% in the last eight years to over 23 hours a week per subscribing household. (source: 1997 Cable TV Facts). We are proud to represent a medium that is consistently supported by the consuming public nationally and brings cost effective growth opportunities to local business. With you, we support the local economy in a very direct way, helping businesses grow, maintaining lifestyles and creating jobs in our communities. TCI Media Services advertising sales is a "behind the scenes" benefit brought to you by the planning and efforts of TCI Communications, Inc.

For more information, E-mail us at TCI Media Services or call (541) 431-3521.

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