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TCI Client Testimonials

West Side Auto

To Whom It May Concern,

Cable Advertising works! When my TCI Rep approached me with the idea of advertising on cable TV, my first thought was that it would be too expensive for my small business. To my surprise, he explained that I could get 30 second, full motion video commercials at a fraction of the cost I had expected.

The used car business is a numbers game and increased traffic on the lot means increased sales and therefore bigger profits. Within one month of running my first ads on TCI cable, the traffic on my lot had increased by more than 20%. My cable advertising budget is now a fixed percentage of the company's income and will therefore increase as my business grows. Cable has become the backbone of my advertising strategy and my customers continue to tell me that they heard about me on TCI cable.

John C. Smith, G.M.
West Side Auto

Heavenly Scent

We have three to four people come by every day who have seen our commercial. Of all our advertising, cable has been the most successful.

Beth L. Morey
Heavenly Scent

Pit Stop USA, Int'l., Inc.

To Whom It May Concern,

TCI Cablevision has been an effective part of my total marketing effort for over seven years. TCI has allowed me the opportunity to target my customers within the Eugene/Springfield metro area with consistant high frequency exposure and reach.

TCI Cablevision's network selections such as ESPN Sports, CNN News and Discovery channel play an important role in my efforts to reach my broad customer base.


Michael W. Rowe
Pit Stop USA

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