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Advantages of Advertising with

    Demographic Targeting:
  • Cable channels target specific demographic groups.
  • Money is not wasted on viewers who are not in your demographic target.
    Geographic Targeting:
  • Zoned advertising with Cable means no waste reaching those outside the core Portland metro area where the majority of shoppers live.
    Qualitative Targeting:
  • Cable households tend to have higher incomes than do non-cable households and therefore tend to be greater consumers of high ticket products.
  • They are also more likely to own their own homes and have larger families than do non-cable households.
    Recapturing "Lost" Viewers:
  • Broadcast television is losing audience share to cable networks. Those who pay for cable television do so to have the choices cable channels offer.
  • Advertising on cable allows you to "recapture" those viewers who have been "lost" by the broadcasters.
    Improved Commercial Environment:
  • Advertising on cable insures that your message will not be lost among many other commercials.
  • Cable networks' local breaks generally consist of one 60 second commercial or two 30 second commercials at a time.
  • This type of positioning allows you to be internalized and remembered by the viewer.
    Developing Frequency:
  • Cable advertising's affordable rates allow you to get more spots for your budget and develop the frequency necessary to turn viewers into buyers.
    Prime Time Affordability:
  • Cable advertising rates allow you to advertise during prime time whern most viewers are watching, thus increasing your reach.
  • Basic cable networks spend millions of dollars to create top quality original programming. As a result, they are gaining prime time share from broadcast programming.

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