TCI Digital Cable

OVERVIEW: TCI Digital Cable is a new technological evolution in TV entertainment that offers viewers advanced options and value for their television dollar, including more choice, more convenience and more control. Delivering additional channels through the cable already in the home, TCI Digital Cable offers viewers more of the TV they want to watch.
ENTERTAINMENT: TCI Digital Cable delivers 24-hour entertainment, showcasing new, multi-channel premium movie services from HBO, Showtime, Starz!, and Encore; new special-interest networks including Discovery Kids, Discovery Science, Home & Garden TV, Independent Film Channel, and ESPNews; nine pay-per-view channels; 10 channels of CD-quality music from Digital Music Express (DMX); and access to all local networks.

Existing TCI cable customers can receive up to 36 additional video and 10 audio channels of entertainment programming for only $10 more per month. New customers can also receive TCI Digital Cable for only $10 more per month with a subscription to any TCI analog package. Programming content and costs may vary by region. Additional installation and equipment rental fees for the set-top Digital Compression Terminal (DCT) and universal remote apply. (Customers will exchange their current analog set-top box for the new DCT and remote at time of installation and will pay a revised rental fee). Additional local franchise fees, taxes and digital programming access fees for multi-set viewing may also apply.

TCI Digital Cable also provides access to all local network stations without a separate antenna.

Existing TCI cable customers can have TCI Digital Cable installed for as low as $12.95, which includes an active extension of the customer's phone line to enable the interactive function of the box, including push-button pay-per-view ordering. This will not interfere with regular phone service, and customers will not incur any additional costs on their phone bill. The only equipment required is the set-top DCT and a universal remote control.
TECHNOLOGY: TCI Digital Cable utilizes digital compression technology to "squeeze" more channels into TCI's broadband cable. TCI Digital Cable is transmitted through TCI's existing cable lines directly into the customer's home where the signal is converted by the set-top DCT.


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