T he GRAND PRIZE for second Quarter (April, May & June 1998) is a brand spankin' new 25" TV. Each month TCI will award one First, one Second and one Third prize to three lucky winners. The winners will "Pick" their prizes from their respective categories. So play Pick'a'Prize everyday!

T he game is easy to play. Just click through our sponsors' banners (below) and find the tv icon (shown at left). The icon will ALWAYS appear somewhere within the sponsor's site but not always on the front page. When you click on the TV you will be sent to the registration page. Just enter your email address and that's it, you're entered! The icon is placed on a different site each day and players can enter only once per day.

R ound one begins when we launch Portland sometime in April 1998 and will run through June 30th. That means you can enter up to 30 times to win April's 1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes and up to 91 times for the Quarterly Grand Prize.

S o get started now! Remember, multiple entries from the same icon location, on the same day, will result in the player being disqualified for the entire monthly drawing. The Icon will be moved everyday to a new position within the sponsoring sites and can be accessed by clicking through the banners below and searching each site.

Good Luck!

Check out the FIRST, SECOND and THIRD Prizes you can win by playing Pick'a'Prize at TCI's tcities.com! And don't forget the Grand Prize; A brand spankin' new 25" TV!!!

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