From the desk of:
Mike White, Gen. Mgr.
TCI Cablevision of Eugene
April, 1998
Dear TCI Customer:

The end of 1997 and beginning of 1998 has been a very busy -- and exciting -- time for TCI in the Eugene/Springfield area. We have made a number of changes, introduced some new services, and worked hard to improve our service. And we expect that the months ahead will be equally exciting!

Before we get too far along, we thought we would take a moment to review a few of the changes we have made, as well as highlight some things you can look forward to:


In January, TCI introduced a revolutionary new service option -- TCI DIGITAL CABLE. With TCI DIGITAL CABLE, TCI customers can receive up to 36 additional video and 10 digital audio channels for just $10.00 more per month.

DIGITAL CABLE offers up to 18 special interest networks, including:

  • BBC America
  • Bravo
  • Classic Sports
  • Discovery Kids
  • Discovery Science
  • Turner Classic Movies
  • Independent Film Channel
  • Discovery Travel
  • ESPNews
  • History Channel
  • Home & Garden TV
  • Sci-Fi Channel
  • Romance Classics
  • Outdoor Life

If you subscribe to premium services, DIGITAL CABLE will bring you multiplexes of your favorite services, including:

  • Encore Love Stories
  • Encore Mystery
  • Encore Western
  • HBO 2
  • HBO 3
  • Showtime 2
  • Starz 2
  • The Movie Channel

PLUS, DIGITAL CABLE offers nine channels of pay per view choices.

To receive DIGITAL CABLE, you must have a special digital converter, which rents for $3.30 per month (including universal remote). If you already have a converter box, it would be replaced by this digital converter. Installation of DIGITAL CABLE is just $12.95 for a current TCI customer.


Beginning early in 1998, a complete system upgrade for the Eugene/Springfield system is scheduled. This project will take two years to complete and will greatly increase the channel capacity of the system and open the door to new services -- such as high-speed Internet access -- in the future. Some of the often-requested services, not included in the Digital Cable package, will be made available to TCI subscribers, and all subscribers will have an opportunity to weigh in on the channels they would like to see added.


In April, you will see a new look to your monthly statements. TCI is changing billing companies to provide better service and easier to read statements.


To improve the technical performance of our cable system, we have made the following changes:

We have added over 30 miles of fiber optic cable, replacing microwave links, to improve signal distribution to some areas.

We have moved the electronic and technical centerpiece of our system (the "headend") to our administrative location on Chad Drive.


As a result of a recent court ruling, earlier this year we were required to modify the calculation methodology of the franchise fee, which appears on your bill each month. The amount identified as "franchise fee" is now calculated as a percentage of your total bill, including the fee itself. As a result, there was a slight increase in the franchise fee on your bill.


On December 30, 1997, we moved Public, Educational and Government Access channels to channels 96 and 97. This was done as part of a realignment of bandwidth for our Digital TV launch and based on other business issues. Unanticipated technical interference has created problems with reception for some customers on channel 96, so you can find Metrovision on channel 95 as well, on an interim basis. However, TCI and our local franchise authorities have decided that MetroVision and Educational Access should be returned to their former channel locations.

Effective May 1, 1998, Metrovision will move back to channel 11 and Educational Access will move back to channel 12. Other changes to take place at the same time include:

(Family Channel will move to channel 3; (KROZ will move to channel 9; (Discovery will move to channel 18; (TBS will move to channel 32; (Fox News will move to channel 98; (CSPAN will move to channel 99. (Channels 95 and 96 will be used for DMX signals. We apologize for the confusion and any inconvenience. Please contact us at 484-3000 if you experience difficulty receiving any of these channels.

We hope this update is helpful to you. All of us at TCI recognize it as a privilege to serve you and your neighbors in the Eugene/Springfield area, and we look forward to continuing to work hard to deliver the best service possible. We hope you are as excited as we are about Digital TV and the upgrade improvements ahead!

Should you have any additional questions, or wish to try our exciting new DIGITAL CABLE service, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Service office 484-3000.

Mike White
General Manager

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