Using the Reminders feature

The Reminders feature is available so you don't miss programs you want to watch. When you set a Reminder for a program, a Reminder screen will appear just before the program begins, so that if you are tuned to another channel, you can switch to the program you want to watch.

How to set Reminders:
  • To set a reminder from Flip or Browse mode or from the program listings in the navigator main menu, highlight the program for which you wish to set a Reminder and press OK.
  • When the Set Reminder screen appears, highlight Yes, then press OK.
  • A checkmark will appear next to the program name, indicating that a Reminder has been set.

When Reminders appear:
  • When the Reminder screen appears, highlight the program, then press OK if you would like to be tuned to the program.
  • If you don't want to be tuned to the program, highlight Hide Reminder then press OK (or just press LAST or EXIT.

How to cancel a Reminder:
  • Select the program for which you have set a Reminder and press OK. The program will have a check mark next to it, indicationg that it currently has a Reminder set.
  • When the Reminder Already Set screen appears, highlight Yes cancel the Reminder, then press OK.

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